Securus Technologies is a reliable and well known information technology firm that offers excellent support options to its customer base. These individuals are incarcerated men and women currently serving time within the United States penal system. By providing these people with communication solutions, as well as security systems for personal use, they open the minds and hearts of these often times undesirable American citizens and allow them to have peace of mind for the future. Such products that Securus offers are downloadable applications that customers can use to directly communicate with their loved ones and family members. This application works on both Apple and Android devices through WiFi signals and gives them the ability to bypass dangerous and inconvenient physical visits to the prison itself.


Securus has faced unwanted scrutiny lately from one of its competitors, GTL, who has accused the company of operating under expired patent codes for many of its products. If found true this would mean that Securus would need to release their products to the free market, which would give other companies a chance top profit from their success. Luckily for Securus, through research of their own along with the assistance of third party companies, it was discovered that these accusations hold no ground. They are false accusations, with the truth of the matter being that Securus maintains complete ownership of their patents and that their products will remain directly in their hands for future use.


This is great news for both the company and for their customers, who see Securus as their personal link to the outside world. Thanks to their patents being safe Securus can continue to offer the same level of customer service that they bare known for, which will definitely carry them to new heights in the future as technology continues forward.


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