Customer service in the technology industry usually doesn’t carry a positive reputation. Consumers typically try to avoid making a call to customer support, for fear that they will be treated rudely, or experience long wait times. While this may be true for some, Securus Technologies has proven that great customer service is not only attainable, but should be required.

Not only has Securus been named as a finalist for The Stevie Awards “Best Customer Service” award, but also, Securus received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. In conjunction with this accreditation, Securus Technologies earned the rating of A+, the BBB’s highest rating possible.

Receiving accreditation was voluntary and Securus had to work in conjunction with the BBB to meet the required standards. The standards required by the BBB include trust, transparency, integrity, honesty and many more. Impressively, Securus has proven themselves exceptional in these areas through their positive customer service satisfaction and their dedicated team members.

Not only does Securus pride themselves on their exceptional customer service, but also maintains that their technology is superior to that of their competitors. Recently, Securus has challenged competitor, Global Tel Link, to a “technology bake-off” in which their technology will be compared by an independent judge. This “bake-off” was a playful suggestion in response to claims made by GTL, challenging the innovation of Securus’ technology.

It is clear that Securus is pioneering the new standard for customer service in the technology industry. They continue to set the stage for the market, making it impossible for others in the industry to compete.

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