In a world of high priced and coveted office space, a new wave of shared office space has swept though major cities. This concept allows companies to rent space for expansion, meetings, networking events, or to get their business off the ground with minimal start up costs. These spaces are full of state of the art technology and encourage high productivity at a significantly lower price tag than a full office suite.

While this may appear to be a new concept of collaborative thinking and cost effective solutions, this concept has been in effect for centuries. Harvard Business Review discusses how 15th-century Italy created co-working space for a cross-section of disciplines to teach and nurture new talents and ideas though the use of Renaissance communities. These communities encouraged opposing ideas and controversial opinions to drive creativity and develop functionality. Artists, engineers, architects, mathematicians and other scientists came together to form workshops where each person could offer and receive valuable, free feedback and testing of new ideas before they were launched.

Often, each person was working on their own individual project but could view and assist on any other project. Speakers presented ideas to a group of other entrepreneurs who could critique or help nurture an idea by encouraging conflict in a constructive way. Coworking space is the concept behind Workville NYC.

One of the most difficult elements of business is finding an office and then investing in the necessary equipment so that a company can function seamlessly. Workville NYC offers clients the ability to rent desk space by the month or by the hour, hold meetings in luxury conference rooms, or host networking events at minimal costs.

Workville NYC provides clients the technology to flawlessly run their business and the benefit of working with other entrepreneurs and business executives with different backgrounds. This concept enables clients to brainstorm, test, develop, and launch successful products and ideas into the market. This convenient location makes Workville NYC ideal for meeting clients, holding important business meetings, and conducting everyday business with the look and feel of a 5-star hotel.



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