As a direct selling company, QNet knows it has to work with partners. The main partners are those entrepreneurs who sell QNet products and services. QNet now has a new and surprising partner. The Japanese technology company Sharp is working with QNet to release a new air purifier. The product is appropriately named Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier.

The air purifier is being released in India through QNet’s e-commerce site. India is home to one of QNet’s other high-profile partners, Lions Clubs International. QNet and Lions Club routinely team up to launch philanthropic ventures.

An executive in charge at Sharp Business Systems in India has gone public in a press release to discuss the partnership with QNet. Kishalay Ray, the president of Consumer Business at the aforementioned Sharp division, has stated QNet’s lengthy history at producing solid health and wellness merchandise factored into the decision to form the joint venture.

The spokesperson from QNet’s operations in India has revealed the air purifier will fit into the company’s plans to maximize its niche marketing. India has become a prime market for QNet and there are likely numerous niches QNet would like to fill here. India is quickly becoming a vitally important country for QNet‘s future plans.

QNet started out exclusively as a health and wellness direct seller, but the company’s line has greatly expanded. Entrepreneurs and customers have taken to what QNet sells. The successful enterprise now has regional office all over the world, a testament to its products’ popularity. The current indications are the Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier is going to be highly popular, too.