Shervin Pishevar is a man who has an amazing rags to riches life story. He is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and investor who has seeded at least 60 companies. He is well-known for co-founding Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital. His awards and recognitions include receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and being appointed to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

It was surprising to see the tweet storm he created in early February 2018 since he hadn’t posted for over two months. The last time he tweeted was in December 2017 when he announced he would be resigning from Sherpa Capital. The majority of the tweets he sent out, which totaled 50, focused on why he felt that the economic situation was going to continue to get worse.

In one of his tweets, Shervin Pishevar said that both financial and government institutions are facing a reckoning of irrelevance in what is a once in 1,000 year shift. He feels that what used to be the American dream is now global. It has gone viral. Immigrants no longer need to come into the United States to have their talent valued. He actually cited one example which had to do with a train station being built in China in just under nine hours. He said that Silicon Valley is not a physical place anymore but is an idea that is borderless.

Shervin Pishevar feels that the infrastructure of the United States is decaying, mentioning that governmental institutions and US businesses are trapped in short-term thinking. He only has hope for a couple of moonshots, like SpaceX.

Shervin Pishevar specifically mentions that the United States is going to lose support from other countries, like China, when it comes to infrastructure. When looking at the tension between the US and China, his predictions may not be far from the truth. In addition to the vast experience Shervin Pishevar has in finance and economics as an entrepreneur and investor, he has made predictions that have come true in the past. In the late 2000’s, he predicted that Facebook would go through a crisis, and it did.

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