Darius Fisher is being called the super star PR professional that has boosted the reputation of Status Labs. Earlier this year in June Mr. Fisher captured the coveted “Business Development Individual of the Year” from PR World Awards. Mr. Fisher has been able to boost Status Labs reputation by offering the public attractive digital marketing and communications services. Status Labs has also been able to gather a full list of clients, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Fisher believes in the importance of business development. He understands that in order for a business to continue growing they must have a viable strategy in place that will help them reach their long term objectives. Darius Fisher has successfully turned things around for the company. From 2012 until the present, Mr. Fisher, President and Co-Founder of Status Labs has turned the company around almost 1000%.

Mr. Fisher has been a champion for motivating and cultivating his employees. At Status Labs Mr. Fisher has been able to implement some impressive techniques that have created goals leading to incentivized pay for his employees. Status Labs is a business which focuses on communications, so it is only right that Mr. Fisher feels that it is important to keep employees in the loop. Company communications and updates help employees feel that they are important to the organization that they are working for.

Status Labs has also been able to show their gratitude to their employees. Mr. Fisher has made it a point to see that employees that have performed above expectation are acknowledged. All of these factors have led to a low turnover ratio for Status Labs. These factors have also given Status Labs high marks with the increase of their productivity.