CEO of Papa John’s Pizza has been with the company for 22 years. Recently, Steve Ritchie, the CEO, has vowed in an open statement to customers and staff alike that Papa John’s will become a better, more progressively forward thinking pizza place. According to Insider Louisville, Steve stated that he will have independent auditors come in reassess the company’s standing. Mr. Ritchie also stated that they would work with Papa John’s staff nationwide to address and work through any issues that employees may be facing.

In Steve Ritchie ‘s statement to the general public, he apologized for actions that were not , but badly affected the company and it’s public standing. Mr. Ritchie made sure to address every one of his staff in the statement, making a point to recognize every job at Papa John’s Pizza supports a family and that these staff members are part of a greater community in which they live. Senior members of management will be taking trips across the country to help out where needed. Mr. Ritchie stated that he will be held accountable from here on out and that he wants to be held accountable for any further actions regarding Papa John’s.

Mr. Ritchie (@stevemritchie) is more than equipped to step up into this slightly different role as he has helped run Papa John’s for many years. Steve Ritchie did post a second email to his staff and customers. This email offered a direct apology and more compassion than the first email issued as there had been some question to his sincerity. Though both emails are very similar, Steve Ritchie seems very eager and earnest in his attempt to regain the nation’s trust again and become a beloved pizza brand once more. There are links here to read more about Mr. Ritchie and the two statements to the staff and customers.

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