Stream Energy of Dallas, Texas as earned a ranking on the Market Strategies International list of ten most trusted energy services. The company has grown into one of the leading direct selling companies in a very short time.


Founded in 2005, Stream Energy began after Texas deregulated the energy sector of its economy ( It was founded with a simple idea in mind: Provide affordable energy and let word-of-mouth grow the business.


The idea worked and today Stream Energy is a leading provider in several Texas markets. The company offers innovative and affordable home energy, wireless, and protective services.


The award from MSI is one of a growing list of honors the company has garnered in recent years but is one of the most prestigious to date. It was granted to Stream Energy based on several factors including:


  • customer focus
  • customer support
  • dedication to environmental issues
  • quality
  • reliability
  • competitiveness of rates
  • offerings
  • communications effectiveness


One 2017 study of brand trust found that community services and assistance by companies have a doubled impact on consumer opinions. One of the companies the study considered in drawing its conclusions was Stream Energy.


After Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast region near Houston, Texas in 2017, the direct hit to the city left it without energy for weeks in some areas. Stream Energy was quick to donate $25,000 to the American Red Cross (GCReport). Then the company waived late fees for customers affected by Harvey, then did the same for victims of Hurricane Irma a few weeks later.


In response to the Award, President and CEO of Stream Energy Larry Mondry said that the Stream Energy “team will work hard every day to prove to our customers that we are worthy of this.” He further noted, however, that doing should be easy because in responding as they did to the disasters, they were only doing what comes naturally.


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