Recently, Sussex Health Care revealed some very important news. They’ve appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. The name of the new Chief Executive Officer is Amanda Morgan-Taylor. The new CEO did not waste anytime beginning her duties at the organization. She worked diligently to get familiar with all aspects of the healthcare organization. The new Chief Executive Officer is focused on making a real difference in the healthcare organization. This dedicated individual is already making a big difference. She is collaborating with top management to take the organization in the right direction.

More About New Chief Executive Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor
Of course, Sussex Healthcare is interested in filling their upper management openings with high quality people that are very compassionate about their work. The organization also requires an experienced healthcare expert that understands the healthcare system. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has much to bring to the table. She has over 30 years of experience working in the healthcare field. She started out working as a mental health nurse back in 1984. This led her to the role of senior leader in several organizations that included role as Service Manager, Quality Development Director and Managing Director. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has the knowledge and experience to take the Sussex Healthcare organization to the next level.


About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is located in Sussex, UK. Sussex Healthcare specializes in providing support services to dementia patients, Alzheimer patients, people with physical handicaps, people with mental disabilities, neurological care, and more. The organization provides care to individuals that reside in their 20 care homes. Sussex Healthcare is an independent company that truly believes in delivering the highest quality of care to the people that reside in their care homes. The organization opened their doors back in 1985. Since those early years, the organization has grown and developed great support services for their care home users.

Why People Choose Sussex Healthcare
People in the community select Sussex Healthcare to provide services to family members because they truly care about the people in their care homes. Furthermore, they are an award winning organization that is well respected in the community. In addition, they have a philosophy about providing the highest standard of service to people that are in their care. Thus, making it possible for people in their care to easily enjoy the highest quality of life that is possible for them. Today, they are thought of as true leaders in the residential healthcare community.

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