Talos Energy is a gas and oil company based in strategic hotspots in Mexico. They venture into the discovery of different areas to gain these sources and they focus on the in-house production of these commodities. They utilize their employees who specialize in geology to manage the logistics and meet the specific requirements to be able to source the commodities efficiently.

Last year, one of Talos Energy’s projects named “Zama” has struck a golden hotspot for oil in the Gulf of Mexico – which had an estimated amount of 800 barrels worth of oil. Talos is also partnering up with Pemex to help with the distribution of the newly struck oil. This is a win win situation for Pemex because they had originally planned to explore the area that Talos energy has ventured into – and the struck oil in the area is a confirmation of the prior researched data that the oil reserve in shallow areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Pemex is scheduled to drill an adjacent area to claim its end of the share.

The oil and gas production and distribution companies are one with their interests in gathering data individually but uniting in sharing their date for their collective growth. These companies include: Talos Energy, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas, Britain’s Premier Oil along with Pemex. They are set to agree on their boundaries and shares to determine the accountability of the data gathered.

The Zama Project by Talos Energy recently acquired a go signal from Mexico’s oil regulator and they are set to invest on a multi-million dollar venture that will result to Talos drilling two new oil wells that will have a potential of producing hundreds of thousands of oil barrels in a day by 2023. The Talos Energy led Zama project is set to finish with its construction by the year 2019.

Currently, Talos is at the top of its game. Disregarding natural occurring disasters, Talos Energy is set to be one of the unshakable producers of oil and gas of Mexico and they will be one of the top economic contributors of Mexico.

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