Tammy Mazzocco started her real estate career as a secretary in a nine-man commercial real estate company. Her next job was as manager of a two complex condominium project where her boss suggested that she get her real estate license so she could help him in some of his real estate projects. This was in 1995.


Her next job was as a licensed assistant to a high producing RE/MAX Realtor, and it was here that experienced how to manage a high-volume real estate office. In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco made the decision to go into the real estate business on a full-time basis.


Today Tammy works in Licking, Franklin, Deleware, and Fairfield Counties in central Ohio, and it would be fair to say that she is very successful in selling residential real estate.


The one thing that Tammy Mazzocco loves about real estate is that it allows her to fly on her own. There was a song in the 60s that stated that you couldn’t roller skate in a buffalo herd, but you can have fun if you want to. The other side of that equation is that you CAN rollerskate in the buffalo herd if you can control the buffalo. And you can still have fun too.


That is what Tammy Mazzocco has done, is that she says that she loves to set goals, and then break through them with success. The way that she does it is to break down her goals into actionable steps. That way they are easy to achieve step-by-step.


Tammy states that the real estate business is a “people business.” She attempts to focus totally on the client’s needs, setting aside thinking about anything she is going to get from a transaction, but to solve the buyer’s issues. Then and only then will the client be satisfied and be willing to do business with you.


Tammy Mazzocco has learned well by listening to mentors and putting ideas into action. The result is obvious. True success is born from within, and Tammy has shown her resolve and dedication to her craft.


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