Even though the Eva Moskowitz headed charter network Success Academy is known throughout the charter school industry as one of the best in the country, what some may not know is that it is not just students that are educated at Success Academy.


In fact, teachers are educated there as well.


That is because Eva Moskowitz and other executives at Success Academy decided, if they wanted their students to get the best education in the city, they also needed to be sure their teachers were the best as well.


So Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy came up with the idea of the Teacher Residency Program. A program that accepts either new teachers or people with an interesting background who want to be teachers, and then puts them through a two-year course to teach them how to teach the Success Academy way.


While in the Success Academy Teacher Residency Program, teachers are taught good classroom management skills. They are taught how to be an effective teacher in the classroom, how to teach in a way that students will both enjoy and learn from, and how to emulate Success Academy values.


Teachers in the program are also able to teach in classrooms while being guided by lead teachers and education experts, and are able to watch other teachers in their classrooms so they can learn how a typical Success Academy teacher instructs his or her class.


Of course, while many people want to be teachers, Eva Moskowitz also knew that financially that was not always possible. So she made sure the Success Academy program was a paid position, so nobody on it would have to worry about paying the bills.


Eva Moskowitz also made sure that, once the teacher had completed the course, there were then opportunities for them to teach full-time in one of Success Academy’s 41 charter schools.



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