Success Academy has grown into the largest network for charter schools within New York City. The school has produced students that continue to surpass the success rate with the state exams. This growth is a prime indicator of how Success Academy builds upon the education results the network has committed to achieving since being founded in 2006.


The high achieving test scores reached 94 percent for the math and 82 percent in English within 2016. The progression has shown a great improvement and growth of the students from 2015 in which the scores were 93 percent in math and 68 percent in the English exam. Students have excellently transitioned into the learning process as evidenced by the test scores, and the enthusiasm, smiles and excitement seen throughout the halls.


In comparison to the public schools of New York City, the students of Success Academy far exceeded those students in math; with only 38 percent public school students meeting the standards. The results are a testament to the curriculum chosen by the charter network, which set a new standard for learning.


Teachers provide the same curriculum as required by the state; however, they go far beyond those standards by reaching students at an individual learning level. Teachers commit to additional time with each student, beyond the 80 minute instructor-led teaching, to connect on a performance level that helps students further reach their potential.


From the initial enrollment within Success Academy, students begin to understand the commitment by the teachers for going the distance in helping them achieve greatness in life. Teachers are unified with a certainty and confidence with building a student’s foundation. Among the teachers and school administrators, there is a collaboration that at the core is a student’s academic ability, emotional well-being and social welfare, in order for students to achieve their best.


When Success Academy students receive their education in an environment that allows them to not only reach their highest learning potential, but also provide an abundance of dedication, commitment and passion for the student’s self-belief, it’s more than a success- it’s a victory.

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