Michael Zomber has had a widely successful career as an antique arms collector. His amazing 40 plus years in the industry has earned him a lot of experience in antique firearms and history. He also collects, cares for and sells antique arms. In addition, he is a renowned authority in samurai swords from the Japanese culture having studied and collected the weapons for years.

Early Life

Michael Zomber was born in the US capital, Washington D.C., where he grew up. He attended University of Illinois where he graduated with bachelor’s degrees in the fields of Psychology as well as English Literature. He later got his English Literature Master’s Degree from UCLA. Today, Zomber is married and has two children namely Gabriella and Christopher.

Career and Philanthropy

Zomber is also an avid storyteller and a good one at that. His skills can be seen through his many screenplays and published novels including “Jesus and the Samurai,” “Shogun Iemitsu,” “A Son of Kentucky,” and “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War.” All his works are in print. He reiterates that it was his wife who first encouraged and later pushed him to start writing screen plays that later formed the main basis for several of his amazing novels.

Furthermore, Zomber is an established film producer who runs his own company called Renascent Films LLC. He produced a critically acclaimed documentary movie called “Soul of the Samurai.”

The historian knows too well the horrors and impact of wars and armed conflicts around the world. This is the main driving force behind his philanthropic endeavors. He supports many of the world’s organizations that primarily fight for peace and tranquility around the world. This is because he believes that by offering his support to some of these amazing organizations, he is helping to make the world a better and safer place. Some missions he has supported include the following: UNICEF, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders as well as Global Exchange.

To date, Michael Zomber’s impressive antique arms collection includes weapons owned and used by various prominent individuals from the American civil war like George Washington. He also owns weapons once owned by Simone Bolivar. He has made a guest appearance on TV specifically the History Channel on several occasions to talk about history.

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