Robert A. Ivy, FAIA graduated from the illustrious Tulane School of Architecture located in New Orleans, Louisiana all the way back at the end of the seventies. He’s made the educational institution extremely proud since then as well. That’s because he’s now the man who runs everything for the AIA or the American Institute of Architects in Washington, D.C. The American Institute of Architects is a trusted professional group that has been simplifying life for people who are part of the architectural field for ages. It’s a group that’s been enhancing architectural experiences since the 1800s. It was organized by a bunch of determined architects in New York City long ago. There were many big architects among that group of individuals, too. Jacob Wrey Mould was just one of the esteemed people who helped make the American Institute of Architects the unstoppable powerhouse it is today. This is a group that wants to educate people. It wants to give ambitious and talented architects the ability to learn, experience new things and soar in general.

Robert Ivy is more than qualified to be the head honcho at the American Institute of Architects. He was selected with great care to assume the position several years ago. He in 1996 was handpicked to be the Architectural Record’s Editor in Chief. This group CEO had other positions that were important within the architectural community, too. He was a major player at McGraw-Hill Construction Media for some time. Ivy was an editorial director for the business. He even was its Vice President. Ivy is a talent who understands how the architectural community operates. He knows how to identify openings that may benefit the greater good. He knows how to pinpoint opportunities that may be suitable for specific individuals as well. This is a man who has an eye for structure, layout and design that’s essentially matchless in sheer quality.

Robert Ivy has been the recipient of quite a few awards and acknowledgements within the architecture industry. His peers admire his work for a variety of massive reasons. They admire the fact that he’s able to effectively and masterfully guide such a large group of individuals . There’s no arguing how large the American Institute of Architects is and has always been. This professional group is constantly getting bigger and stronger as well. It has thousands and thousands of members that cover many different bases. There are thousands and thousands of licensed architects who make up the group. There are so many people who work in sectors that are closely tied in with architecture, too.

Robert Ivy has substantial architectural knowledge. He also studied English back when he was a student at the University of the South.

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