The Manse on Marsh has received a lot of great reviews over the years. This is one of the best assisted living facilities when it comes to senior living. This is a huge facility, and a lot of people are impressed with is available here.

The Manse on Marsh has won awards. This facility has ranked as one of the best in the nation, and many residents would agree that this is one of the best spots for adult children that are looking for a place for their parents.

Seniors have a lot of time to engage in activities and the Manse on Marsh provides a plethora of activities for those that would like to engage in mingling with other seniors. There is also an area that shows movies and there is a library for seniors that would like to check out books and read. Many women that are there will also enjoy the hair salon that is found on the premises. What this facility does is make it much easier for seniors to live here without actually leaving the premises.

Seniors that have to leave the premises have the opportunity to take advantage of the transportation services that are available with the Manse on Marsh. This is great for seniors that may not have a car or an adult to take them where they need to go. Many seniors that have doctor appointments on a regular basis will utilize this complementary transportation service, but seniors that do not have a specific doctor may not have to worry about traveling. There are doctors and nurses that make regular visits to this assisted living facility. That is one of the things that really separates the Manse on Marsh from the rest.

Many adults that have allow their parents to have some level of independence are thrilled by the staff at the Manse on Marsh. Seniors get the chance to exercise a level of guarded Independence, but they can still help from the staff when they are in need. Seniors also get the chance to make friends at the Manse on Marsh.  Follow their Twitter for more, or contact a Manse representative through the website.