Class Dojo has had a large amount of success in the its early stages. The Class Dojo interactive application was designed by two former educators who wished to enhance the classroom experience for students, parents, and teachers alike. In the short time that it has been available to the public, Class Dojo has successfully revolutionized the way that educators and parents communicate and has great improved the culture within public and private educational systems. Class Dojo’s history has been truly inspirational to individuals who are involved in start up companies. The two year time period in which the company has managed to become a heavily used application in a large percentage of the lower education system is virtually unheard of in world of start up businesses. Although the company has reached success that many older companies have yet to reach, Class Dojo does have a history of humble beginnings and has earned its way into classrooms all across America.

Class Dojo began as the idea of two former elementary public school teachers. The teachers had noticed a problem among educators that was not being addressed. There was a serious issue in the elementary school level with the communication levels between parents and teachers. The education of children under the age of 10 years old often required documents and letters to be sent home via students. Students were also largely responsible for communicating issues regarding their own progress in the educational institution until the time came for a parent-teacher meeting. These meetings were successful at allowing parents and teachers to communicate about students effectively, but the meetings typically occurred only once per semester. The creators of Class Dojo felt that there was a need for a better communicative tool for parents and teachers to use to measure the progress and motivate the behavior of elementary aged students. Class Dojo was created to fill the communications void in elementary schools.

When the app developers initially launched Class Dojo as a communicative tool for educators and parents, they then faced the challenge of having to get the application implemented into the daily plans of educators around the world. After developing and launching a large marketing campaign that targeted at several top elementary schools around the United States, the Class Dojo app developers were able to successfully implement the application’s use into enough schools to form a trial. The trial, of course, was successful and Class Dojo is currently used at 2 in 3 elementary schools.


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