Burch Creative Capital helps their clients bring their ideas to fruition. Chris Burch focuses on more than simply making a monetary investment in his clients. Instead, Burch wants to create a relationship through which these small businesses and startups can grow and develop. In addition, whenever one of Burch Creative Capital’s investments are having trouble, Burch not only supports them financially, but emotionally as well. As an entrepreneur himself, Burch understands all of the difficulties and obstacles faced when staring a new business. This understanding combined with his years of expertise has equipped Burch with valuable advice which he offers to his clients.
There is a constant connection between the two fields of fashion and technology. As technology continues to make advancements in gadgets and devices, fashion helps to make these products more stylish and marketable. Similarly, fashion can borrow many ideas in the way of innovation and efficiency from technological advances. The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, sees this integration between technology and fashion as the groundwork for the future of the two industries. He explains, “The excitement of tomorrow lies in what both industries learn from each other to make this world a more beautiful, creative, and protected place in which to live”.

Before founding Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch came from humble beginnings. He was born into a large, middle class family in Pennsylvania. Along with his brother Bob, Chris Burch founded his first company while still attending Ithaca College. Eagle’s Eye apparel started with a $2,000 investment. The original business model was very simple. The two brothers would walk around campus and sell sweatshirts for a profit of $5 on each unit. After scaling and growing the business to other campuses and retail stores, the brothers purchased their own manufacturing facility. They continued to grow their business over the next decade before selling it for $60 million.

Some of Chris Burch’s first investments under Burch Creative Capital included the Tony Burch label and C. Wonder. Burch helped his wife to establish the Tony Burch fashion label for which he served as co-chairman. As the company had grown to be valued at $3.5 billion, Chris Burch sold his shares which accounted for about a quarter of the company. The C. Wonder brand was created by Chris Burch himself was a home decor and accessories brand. After selling the C. Wonder brand to the Xcel Group, Burch’s net worth pierced the ten figure mark. He was named one of Forbes’ World Billionaires in 2012.

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