The Fagali’I airport maintains a customer service staff of integrity. Just by having a friendly conversation with a member, you can feel a sense of trust running through your body as if the entire world is on your side. The customer service staff is helpful, polite, honest, reliable and delightful. Customers come first, because without customers there isn’t a business.

Tough training programs are set out for employees of the airport. Every customer service trainee do not get through training successfully. Only the best of the best are chosen to represent the Fagali’I airport according to Only the best customer service minds are promoted to train and test trainees. These professionals ensures that trainees have studied given manuals, are able to remember important facts needed throughout customer service experiences, can exhibit the appropriate mannerism and can deliver. As customers are the business’ priority, making customers feel welcomed and getting them squared away is monumental.


The Fagali’I airport has to represent the culture of Samoan and present a prima facie representation of it. as Apia is a city commonly visited by vacationers all throughout the year. As the Fagali’I airport is a vacationer’s first taste of the Samoan community, the airport has to shed light on the Samoan people for a look into their incredible characters. There is no people like the Samoan people and when you’ve had a taste, you’ll know why.

About the Fagali’I Airport
The Fagali’I airport is a small airport located just a hop and a skip from Apia. On the inside, it entails a currency exchange, customs, a convenience market, a waiting area and an information desk. There are only two airlines flying out of the airport: Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways. You can get a taxi with no hassle, from the airport to your hotel. There are many, many hotels within a 5 miles radius, highly reviewed with prices that start at $48 per night.

About Apia
The capital of Samoa. It is home to the late great explorer and author, Robert Louis Stevenson according to Has a population of over 36,500 people with temperatures averaging 85 degrees all year long. Famous for beautiful beaches, historic volcanoes, museums, jungles and fresh Samoan foods. The official currency of this city is Samoan Tala.


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