Operating in the United Kingdom, Solo Capital is a global firm that specializes in investments, proprietary trading and consulting. Having its headquarters located in London, England, the company can pull in major funds from all over the United Kingdom. The company proves to be quite successful having achieved a net worth of 15.45 million euros, assets worth 67.45 million euros and a cash flow of 30.26 million euros as of March 2015. The company is also identified as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK.

Founded by Sanjay Shah, Solo Capita became a reality on the 13th of September 2011. Despite having no subsidiaries, the company manages to pull in funds from all over the United Kingdom with only 20-49 employees. The company specializes in consultations, proprietary trading, and professional sports investment. Trading ventures into Forex, derivatives and commodities. In professional investments, clients are granted the opportunity to venture into talent acquisition, asset and performance management and commercial advisory and representation. Clients may consult on matters pertaining investment, performance, and human capital.

Mr. Sanjay Shah displays pure brilliance in the financial sector having ownership of over three dozen companies across the United Kingdom, including the British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Malta and the Cayman Islands. Shah initially studied medicine before he turned his aspirations to finance. He worked as an accountant at Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Suisse, which are among other investment banks. The 2009 financial crisis, however, made him redundant and thus, pushed him into starting his brokerage firm. This, in turn, made the platform on which Solo Capital was formed.

Under the helm of Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital hit the market with a storm and went ahead on buying Old Park Lane Capital in 2014. The brokerage firm that operated on an invitation-only basis was rescued from collapse by Sanjay’s company. The company’s investments were based on natural resources, so the situation posed a win-win for both parties.

Dr. Sanjay Shah not only displays a mind of innovation in the financial sector but also shows nobility through the Autism Rocks Organization. The initiative is aimed at creating awareness about autism and collecting funds through concerts. The idea came to him while in deliberation with celebrity, Snoop Dogg, following his son’s unfortunate condition. Sanjay’s son was diagnosed with the disorder at the tender age of four. The first concert took place in 2014 with special guest Prince. Since then the event has gained international recognition hosting prominent personalities such as Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Buble.

Solo capital is amongst the many proofs of the success that is Sanjay Shah. He exhumes passion and a will to dominate in the financial sector, having come up with numerous enterprises that have turned out to be a great success. By abandoning his career in medicine and prevailing in an entirely different field, shows why Sanjay Shah is truly a financial genius.


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