Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Quincy Apartments may be deemed as a convenient location to stay, as it is very close to the Amtrak in in New Jersey. But before you immediately lay down the first month’s rent for a nice, convenient apartment, you might want to check out your surroundings of the area and things that go down. Because you may have never thought of safety being an issue, but you should.

On November 30, 2012, a man who goes by the name “Pistol” on the street and Parysh Wood on his birth certificate, was committed with robbery charges. He was the leader of a small crew with two other males. The pizza delivery man approached the N Building of the Quincy Apartments Complex and knocked on the door, but was denied by the man inside. As the pizza delivery guy walked back to his car, Parysh Wood and the two other suspects came up the delivery man and said the pizza was for them.

As the pizza man went back to the car to retrieve the pizza, one of the three brought out a gun and put it to the man’s head. The suspects then got away with money, the delivery boy’s wallet, and well, the pizza, and took off to a parking lot nearby where the sped off in an old minivan. Parysh is currently serving time with a ten thousand dollar bail.

Another incident took place on October 7, 2015. At the New Brunswick Apartment around 9:30 pm, three or four shots were reported heard in the vicinity of building number one. One victim was left with a minor gunshot wound and was driven to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in a dark Honda and dropped off. The person driving the vehicle was deemed the suspect of the shooting, and was wearing a dark hoodie.

Beyond just these incidents, the Quincy complex and New Brunsiwck City area have reported numerous accounts of other shootings and incidents due to domestic fights, and if not in the exact circle of Quincy, there are other shootings around that are bound to be heard and happened. So before making a decision to rent anytime soon, you need to do some deeper digging into this area of New Jersey and other news in the New Brunswick area, for not only your safety, but for a decent sleeping schedule and arrangement as well.

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