In a recent article written by Chris Burch, the fashion industry has a very close relationship with the Technology industry. According to him, the two industry have always worked hand-in-hand to realize significant developments in history. For many years now, the industries have been responsible for the many advancements we see today. He added that a lot of improvement is observed when the two industries work together. Technology can become fashion over time. Fashion has its ability to become the latest technology trend after some time. A fascinating thing about the two relationships is that these business units have always grown together. A simple glimpse of the present and past can give one a clear indication of the trends in the two industries.


In the 70s, there was an introduction of carry tunes and stations. Additionally, the latest technology at that time was the two-cossetted radio. It had a technology-forward ability where it could play music and record simultaneously. That was technology working with fashion in their purest form. The next invention was that of the Walkman that came into the 90s. It made the music industry become a more personalized endeavor. Ten years after the introduction of the workman, the music industry saw the introduction of a new equipment known as the iPod. Music has since become a personalized and lively advancement. According to Chris Burch, the fashion industry has the same relationship with the technology industry.


About Chis Burch

Mr. Burch is the current CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He believes in making use of creativity and applying his imagination to create a supportive scale. He has grown a business and brand that has had a significant impact on the lives of consumers. Chris has had an extensive experience both as an entrepreneur and investor. He has built his experience for over 40 years now. Throughout this time, he has been responsible for the growth and success of over 50 companies. Chris has a lot to say when it comes to making a positive impact. He has built a long track record of positive experiences. Burch’s company today has an impressive portfolio.


Burch studied his undergraduate at Ithaca College. After completion, he started a company that was known as the Eagle Eye Apparel. The company grew to become worth $100 million. He decided to sell the firm at this time. Chris Burch has built his name in the fashion and technology industry too.

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