Norka Luque is a young Venezuelan singer who is rising very fast. The fame draws back to her efforts and bigger dreams of bringing hope and making the impossible possible. Her songs are full of hope, inspiration and motivation. She uses her talent to pass hope to fans and listeners who are in overwhelming situations by assuring them the situation can change for better.

She discovered her singing talent at a very young age. Her parents played a significant role in supporting her with all that she needed in the musical and vocal training. The parents also ensured she pursued her education at the same time. Norka is an educated singer who graduated a few years ago with a bachelor degree in culinary arts, marketing, and fashion. Her fortune in becoming a recognized singer happened while she was still in France studying when she met Emilio Estefan Jr.

Emilio is a renowned musical producer that many artists dream of working together. The producer got interested in her music and decided to assist her to start recording. The singer’s professional music career kicked off from that moment. Every day, she lives her dream through recording music and learns new things from the talented producer. Her dream and belief of transforming the world and making it a better place are now possible through music.

She is currently promoting her single song named MILAGRO. The song is produced by the renowned producer Emilio Estefan Jr together with some his producers. The song has been a hit because it has topped the music charts in US, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The song also appeared on the nominated Latin music Billboard where it is a favorite. The hit is a mixture of sounds like reggae, Caribbean sounds, and Mediterranean traces thus millions of listeners enjoy listening.

As an artist, Norka Luque believes that she has the duty of bringing a positive message to her fans through her songs. For instance, she explains that her song, MILAGRO, the message to her fans is there is hope in every difficult situation. Despite the changes that happen in producing different genres, it is important to retain the positive message in every song.

The Latin singer is enjoying success in her music. She performed during the Latin Billboard Bash in front of her fans. She also runs her Facebook account where she posts regular updates to motivate young people. Her favorite music genres are R&Bs, rock, and pop.

Twitter: @norka_music