Some guys seem to have it all, and leave most others wondering how to make it happen. Logan Stout, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of IDLife, does his best to have a life full of fortune and gains. And, in his case, the capital aspect to a winning lifestyle is helping others find their own paths to success through healthy activity and long-term commitment.

Even before his decision to take on the IDNutrition concept and turn it into a viable business model, Logan Stout’s common sense business strategy yielded a formidable portfolio. However, his leadership skills and pure business acumen know when to win by taking action and collaborating with other industry experts. IDLife owes its existence to just such perfect timing between Logan and a “celebrity” doctor with a penchant for vitamins.

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Interestingly enough, where most CEOs or company presidents successfully operate their business ventures by the seat of their pants, Mr. Stout adopts the exact opposite approach and sticks to the script. Five days a week, he is the first one out of bed focusing on business, then family, and then business again. Not to mention, he throws a workout routine in the mix, all before waking up the kids for breakfast and school. With his household off to a good start and clear business goals in mind, he does the boss leadership thing at the office until the time to round up the children from school comes along. He is old school and proud of it.

If Logan Stout makes the wealthy businessman and happy family man thing look easy, it is only because he rallies dependable people that he can trust around ideas in which he believes. From there, extracting action and plans from thin air is just a matter of brainstorming while remaining constructive and productive. His secret to making the process of group think work is to pour focused effort into finding a better way to do what is already being done.

If there is anyone in the world thinking of following in Logan Stout’s footsteps, which he does not mind at all, they should know one thing first. The method to his madness requires a daily intake of fresh information, as they say food for thought. Thoughts make action, which lead to habits and ultimately yield results.

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