The fashion industry has always forced its own set of rules upon us in terms of what is fashionable and how we should look throughout each day. LimeCrime’s Doe Deere has always been a little different in her fashion sense and has embraced her individual sense of style in the best possible way by using it as inspiration for others. Deere refuses to stand by the rules of fashion that state she cannot mix patterns and textures in her own distinct way; instead, the founder of the LimeCrime cosmetics company has explained how she enjoys wearing socks with open toe shoes that fashion insiders state should never be teamed together.

Deere believes she has the power to inspire as many people as possible to follow their own path to happiness and success in the future, which she has shown is possible by breaking free of the traditional rules that govern the society we live in.

After starting her own clothing line under the LimeCrime brand the cosmetics industry came calling for Doe Deere when she failed to uncover makeup to match her fairy tale inspired designs. Deere has used her growing reputation as one of the most recognizable figures in the fashion industry to inspire others with videos detailing the basics of cosmetics creation; very few figures in the fashion industry are willing to share their secrets, but Doe Deere believes the world of fashion needs to move with the digital age we live in.

Instead, Doe Deere looks to team bold makeup choices with her colorful hair designs, which breaks one of fashions most important rules for the establishment. The LimeCrime founder also seeks to add colorful lip designs to strong makeup designs used on her eyes, which she feels is an expression of her own style and personal image.

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  1. Alongside the use of various fashion rules Doe Deere does not believe the use of cosmetics should be limited by how we feel society views us. Doe Deere is well known for being a popular figure on social media for her role as the Queen of the Unicorns for her wide range of followers. I have also made a personal request for the reviews which could be provided for them all.

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