Todd Lubar is a businessman who deals with the mortgage industry. Todd is an ambitious man who puts extra effort every single day. He is a hardworking, talented, and ambitious businessman who is concerned about giving best services to the customers and satisfies their dreams of owning homes. Todd Lubar studied at the Sidwell Friends School situated in Washington DC. Later on, Todd joined The Peemas of holding Addie School in Hightstown, NJ where he acquired his high school education. In the year 1995, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in skills communication from the Syracuse University.

After school, in the year 1995, he got his first employment in Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he stayed for several years, and later joined the Legacy Financial group. When working in the Legacy Financial Group, Todd developed the corporation by assisting and emphasising on teamwork from other employees. Todd Lubar also contributed to the growth of the Maryland office which produced more than $100 million interest on loans each year. Todd Lubar is now the current head of the TDL Ventures.

In the year 2005, Todd Lubar became the Vice chief executive of Charter funding, a trademark of First Magnus Financial Corp. In a n article on, due to changes in the mortgage industry, Todd Lubar decided to go back to his roots and aimed at purchase money mortgage loan. It was because his first career was to make investments in mortgage banking. This individual also owns several organizations in the demolition industry, recycling industry, the nightclub industry, and real property industry, which has over time achieved success and have grown at an increasing rate. Todd Lubar companies grow every day as he is well informed about businesses, and also he has got better management techniques including planning and monitoring that enables him to achieve this much.Todd has also created many job opportunities for many people where they got their basic needs met and can coup up with the living standards.

Todd is a role model to many and clings to the belief that future holds better rewards for those who work today. He has mentored many other investors, and he can be referred to as the guru of real estate industry. To read more, visit

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