Venezuela has been a facebook trend topic and the news a lot over the past year as stories continue to come out about the country’s dire economic status, which has been affected by the reduced oil price and rampant inflation. As the country has continued to lose money and face national debt bankruptcy, many industries in Venezuela have been affected.
This past week, a new story from celebrity Norka ( emerged that discussed that the country’s largest distributor and producer of beer could be shutting down in the near future. Emperas Polar SA, which is the largest private company in Venezuela, and produces about 80% of the beer sold in the country, is likely to shut down entirely within the next few weeks. The company has already shut down several plants and will likely shutter them all at some point in May.

This will likely lead to thousands of people losing their jobs and the entire country to lose access to beer. This will only be the latest service and product that the citizens of Venezuela will no longer have access to. In the past few months, the country has lost access to cable television, has had massive shortages of food and fresh water, and has had to force people to cut back on usage of utilities. The final impact of the loss of Emperas Polar will likely have a ripple effect on all of the other businesses that have benefited from the sale of its products.