If you’re not already familiar with Victoria Doramus, she is a digital and print professional, as well as an animal rights advocate, based out of London. However, despite her British roots, she attended the University of Colorado where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication in 2006. Doramus also attended Sotheby’s Institute of Art, an institution of higher education devoted to the study of art and its markets, where she completed an immersive semester program comprised of courses in history and the development of art in the western world.

Although her education and career experiences are noteworthy, Victoria Doramus is highly regarded for championing the rights of animals, especially cats and dogs. One need only to look to an article in patch.com, an independent local news and information platform, to fully appreciate her commitment to changing and, in many cases, saving the lives of these animals.

Victoria Doramus is a proud supporter of Best Friends Animal Society, a nationwide animal rescue and advocacy organization founded in 1991. The organization prides themselves on working to put an end to animals being euthanized in shelters, which is accomplished through the efforts of Doramus as well as community programs and partnership all across America.

Why is Victoria Doramus so involved with Best Friends Animal Society? Well, she feels that the organization’s mission, which is to one day put an end to animals needlessly dying in shelters, is one that truly resonates with her. To that end, the Best Friends Animal Society is making considerable headway as they strive to make this dream a reality.

Currently, the organization provides medical help to as much as 1,600 abandoned animals, ensuring that they are as healthy as possible prior to adoption. And far as the adoptions are concerned, Best Friend Animals have partnered with a variety of animal shelters and rescue groups to hold nationwide adoption events that make it easier for families and pets to be united. These partnerships have led to fundraising drives and public education campaigns that Victoria Doramus has been proud to support.

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