Though a bonafide Brit, Victoria Doramus has lived across the pond for many years, even earning her degrees in journalism and mass communication at the University of Colorado. A marketing pro with experience in advertising, branding, communication and media platforms and formats, Doramus is a self-proclaimed expert in the art of addiction recovery and the management and organizing of nonprofits. She’s aligned herself with numerous charitable institutions, including the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Like many individuals who’ve battled their way through addiction, Victoria Doramus had to seek help more than once before the seeds of sobriety gained meaningful ground. Early attempts revolved around a need to gain traction in a life that had become a quagmire of unmanageable behaviors. Along the way she tried Adderall, cocaine and amphetamines. She became homeless, friendless and almost lost a parent to cancer, all while still not figuring out how to find a treatment that would stick.

A Texas facility geared to deal with the chronic relapser proved itself a turning point for Victoria Doramus, see more on her site. Facility-residents were made responsible for allotted daily chores. There was required meditation and peer confrontations. AA meetings were non-negotiable. And the 12 step system was in full force. Treatment was followed up by a halfway house, where Doramus waited tables and learned what it was like to truly work one’s way up from the bottom rung of society. Along the way she realized that no one succeeds at recovery alone. A community must hold the mirror up to the individual, forcing her to view her own behaviors and stop victimizing herself in favor of real growth.

Today, Victoria Doramus concentrates on staying humble and giving back. One specific goal is to create a halfway house for New York residents, struggling with addiction, based on the 12 step model. Find out more by visiting her facebook account.

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