There are several infomercials running throughout the day and night. Many of these infomercials do not really seem to sell something that does what it claims. But some products do exactly what they promise, like the Wen hair care kit ( In fact, Bustle published an article that detailed one person’s experience with those products.
Where Did These Products Come From?

One thing you should know is who is behind the Wen products, which is made by Chaz Dean. He is a millionaire hairstylist who has worked with several stars to beautify their look. He has worked with models and other people who can afford his high-end services.

In fact, one of his most successful contributions to beauty could be seen as his way of reaching the masses. That affordable contribution is his Wen products.

An Honest Experience with Wen

The experiment with WEN products was conducted in only 7 days by a person that would provide nothing but her true opinion. She wanted to see if this affordable all-in-1 product that was a shampoo and deep conditioner could deliver.

The first day turned out to be okay but with unwanted results the day after. She was committed to her promise of truly trying out the product, but she was not happy that her hair became very greasy the next day.

She was surprised to find out that her hair began to get used to the palm-full amount of Wen’s hair treatment. In the next few days, her hair began to feel a lot bouncier, softer, and fuller than ever before. That greasy-effect went away, and she was excited.

One thought on “Wen By Chaz: Is All The Buzz True? A 7 Day Experience

  1. Be that as it may, Chaz Dean has never given his tremendous achievement damper his a chance to sensible demeanor and his general craving to help everybody look great. Along these lines, in only seven days, Wen by Chaz made an adherent out of her. That may also lead to what superior has been talking about for a very long time too.

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