App-based dating is becoming more and more common; with the elevation in technology, people are getting accustomed to finding their significant others online. There are quite a good number of dating sites, but there are those that stand out example are Bumble and Tinder.

Dating apps have several advantages and probably the reason why so many people are turning to them. It is a fast and convenient way to find someone you like on the app and have a variety of choices to pick from; a large number of people are on the app so can scroll and find the person who interests you. Most app show mutual friends, at least the one search will not feel like they are complete strangers because they can have mutual friends. Dating apps are perfect for busy people, those who work at home and those who keep to themselves; having these lives is not easy to meet someone to date, so the app comes in handy because you are using your phone or computer.

A good number of relationships founded on dating app work and led to a more serious relationship like marriage. However, sometimes clients of the app report abuse and mistreatment. Bumble’s statistics show that they have the least number of victims of violence; the success may be attributed to the fact that in Bumble it is the women that reach out to men.

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble in 2014 when the CEO of Badoo, Andrey Andreev approached her for a partnership to make a dating app. Whitney Wolfe idea was to make women feel in control and empowered that is why Bumble is almost all about the women; top management also consists of women only.

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University and attained a Bachelor of Art. Before Bumble, Whitney Wolfe was the Vice President of Marketing and co-founder of Tinder. Her impact in both companies has been seen as they both have been ranked among the top. This year Whitney Wolfe has been in the top 30 under 30 by Forbes; she was also in top 30 under 30 important women in Tech in 2014 and was named as one of Elle’s women in Tech. Whitney has a great potential in business and she works hard to make sure she delivers the best.

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