The DACA program is in peril. You may have heard that the Republicans have launched an attack against the DACA program. For example, the Attorney General of Texas sent a letter to the Trump administration that said that they need to stop the DACA program or else they will file a lawsuit. It will not stop at once, but there is a big likelihood that the Trump administration will stop it by phasing it off by taking small steps at a time to end the program. The letter was signed by nine other government officials from other states.

John Kelly, who was the Secretary of Homeland Security, said in a meeting with the Hispanic Caucus that the DACA program is in great jeopardy. This is very troublesome.

The DACA program is very good for the country. A lot of good things come about because of it. It is time for DREAMers to fight back. The Frontera Fund, headed by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, will be at the forefront of this fight. They will also be providing assistance to immigrants who need help.

DACA is a program that is aimed at protecting children who were brought here by their parents from other countries. It makes sure that these children will not be deported. In addition, it lets them have a work permit so that they can work in this country and make a living.

There are a number of qualifications if you want to qualify for the DACA program. However, if you were brought here by your parents while you were a child, and you had no control over that decision, there really is no reason why you should be deported. That is why the DACA program was put into place. That is also why we must fight efforts to rescind the DACA program.

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