As an entrepreneur, we seek for motivation and inspiration every day. It is paramount that we know that we are on the right track of our investment careers. One proven way to do this is by evaluating how prominent investors performed their tasks. The evaluation helps in eliminating any mistakes that they did and also enlightens the investors on other ways of handling tasks.

Louis Chenevert, famously known because of the role he played in the ranking of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is one of the investors who entrepreneurs all over the world look up to for management tips. Despite Louis Chenevert stepping down as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, the firm still owes him gratitude for facilitating the ranking of the company.

During his reign as the CEO, a lot of changes happened in the company. To begin with; the company’s, impressive shares value, rose by approximately 200%. Following the financial success, United Technologies Corporation became the most successful conglomerate in the United States.

Louis Chenevert was also able to make history by acquiring the Goodrich for $16.3 billion, which is the biggest aerospace deal in the United States of America History. This meant that the firm was fully-fledged to produce its products independently. This did not only maintain UTC’s stability but also led to its prominence in the innovation of the technology.

There multiple factors that led to the success of Louis Chenevert, among them was his care to the environment. With the rise in global warming, he saw the need to take precautions to curb the situation. Louis, therefore, reduced the emission of greenhouse gasses and water consumption. As a result, the market of the company’s produce expanded. The products were environmental friendly hence acceptable to many nations. Chenevert encouraged other conglomerates to do the same.

The reign of Louis Chenevert will forever be remembered in the history of the company. He set the pace of the firm. His management methodology is still applied in running the business. This is an attempt at ensuring that the company does not lose the prominence he worked so hard to achieve.

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