William Saito is a tech giant who has played a vital role in cybersecurity. Saito grew up in the United States at the Silicon Valley which is regarded as the home of technology and business startups. Saito’s interests in the world of technology began at a very tender age while he was still in junior school. Saito was that kid that would open everything to find out how they worked. At the age of ten, he became so passionate about computers and how it worked. His interest developed in software and programming and by the time he was in college, Saito had already become a CEO of his own company.

William Saito in 1991 developed I/O Software while still in college. The I/O Software was Saito’s breakthrough in the Tech world. Companies like Sony started looking for him and using the software they were able to incorporate authentication tools such as the biometric recognition which has gone a long way in enhancing cybersecurity. Saito in the year 2000 sold the I/O software to Microsoft. Saito has decades of experience in cybersecurity and has worked as a cybersecurity expert for big tech firms and governments. William Saito worked as a special advisor to the prime minister of Japan and is also a member of the World Economic Forum Board. Saito has also worked as Vice Chairman for Japan Palo Networks. Saito is also a strategic advisor of big private companies such as the Japan airline and is also a venture capitalist. William Saito has achieved a lot in the world of technology and to honor his achievements Saito in 1998 was recognized as a young entrepreneur by Ernst &young, NASDAQ and USA. Saito also appeared on the list of 100 most influential people in Japan.

The world of technology is changing fast. People are becoming more and more connected on the internet, and everything else is moving online. Technology has become part and parcel of life, and today people cannot do without it. Talk of interconnectivity, cash transactions and many more all these sensitive information online requires protection, and that’s where cybersecurity plays a very crucial role. However, according to Saito, people and the majority of tech companies are not security conscious. They tend to ignore the threats that exist in the online platform. Safety in products and system are not designed from the ground but are instead an afterthought which is very wrong according to Saito. Saito proposes greater security awareness at every level of product design and system as the solution to cyber attacks.





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