Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B. Formerly, she served as the Global Executive Chairperson of KBS. Lori Senecal is substantially responsible for deepening the unique model of MDC, driving the strategic vision and working in line with the MDC partner agencies through consultations to propagate cross-collaboration and growth. Lori also plays an active leadership role in collaborating with robust clients to aid in the optimization of seamless structures throughout partner capabilities. In her previous position at KBS, Senecal focalized on the global growth and vision of the agency. Reference: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/author/2084/lori-senecal/list/

Over around half a decade ago, Lori Senecal spearheaded a new ambition for the sector and stirred up a movement to move beyond the exaggeration of innovation to tech innovation, thereby making KBS the brand agency for the world of innovations and inventions. Loris firmly believes that real creativity is essential to bring sustainable competitive advantage to brands. At KBS, Lori Senecal pioneered agency business units centered on technology, startup investments, as well as content creation. Lori Senecal encourages workers to concentrate on inventing the career they want. She has incubated and backed many startups and passion projects pitched by employees thru invention competitions in the agency to inspire and incentivize employees across the agency while fostering culture and invention.

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Prior to KBS, Lori Senecal served New York office of McCann Erickson as the President and previously, at McCann Worldgroup as the Global Chief Innovation Officer. At the latter agency, Senecal was responsible for founding TAG Ideation, which is a specialty unit for young-adult marketing. Regularly, Lori Senecal offers thought leadership and industry insights through television appearances, op-eds, award juries, speaking engagements. Senecal Lori was privileged to be named as among one of Ad Age’s Women to Watch for 2014. In 2013, Lori Senecal was honored with a Quantum Lead award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. Lori Senecal has also been Jury Chair for the Isaac Awards observing invention. She is also the founder of the Isaac+ Award that celebrates the invention of students.

Lori Senecal acknowledges the fact that many women have made successful career debuts in the marketing field for various global companies. According to Senecal, women need to have empathy and respect for their clients. They can achieve this through acting and trusting on their strong instincts. As a successful woman in business, Lori believes in the power of a tremendous idea to assist firms, and its brands stand out. Additionally, for one to be successful, Lori advocates for people to create their own leadership opportunities rather than sitting and waiting for such opportunities to present themselves.

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