There is a stereotype that has been pushed for a very long time about women who do well in the looks department being unable to deliver when it comes to talent and career development. However, if the modern career woman is anything to go by, beauty and brains are the norm. One success story that is proving this to be true is that of Dr. Jennifer Walden. The plastic surgeon and mother has been named as one of Harper’s Bazaars top 24 surgeons in the country.

Jennifer knew for a very long time that she wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon. When she completed her medical school, she got an opportunity to train with some of the best surgeons in New York. The first practice that she set up was in Manhattan. Her practice was very successful to the point that she was awarded several times and the community in the area recognized and respected her. Then, she decided that it was time to fulfill her lifelong goal of becoming a mother. This made her reconsider several decisions, including the best environment to bring them up in. She realized that her children needed to be close to her extended family as this was the best environment to bring them up in.

This among other things is what prompted her move back to Texas. She set up her practice in Dallas and within no time, she had built a reputation for herself, owing to her good work. Most people that have had the chance to be treated by her state that she is a great cosmetic surgeon and that her leadership skills are commendable. She has also served on the board of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for many years now. It should be noted that very few women are able to get a position on this board, which makes her achievement no mean fete.

Jennifer Walden is a mother of two wonderful children. She is also a sister to very successful siblings. Unlike many situations where a woman in charge is stereotyped to come across as too tough, Jennifer is a great boss and those who work under her can testify to this. It is the combination of her great upbringing and her charismatic personality that have led to her current success.


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